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My #DTour of a Lifetime to Asia!

A couple months have passed since I got back from Asia from my whirlwind #DTour trip but not a day has gone by without me thinking and referencing back to what I've learned and absorbed from my trip. If someone had told me that I will be seeing 7 countries, over 15 cities, 14 flights, and over 28,000 miles (that's like 73 times of flights from NY to LA) within 31 nights in Asia. 31 nights! - I would probably think that it's not possible to do it. But I did! That's truly insane. That's not even counting the many hours spent traveling on land and on foot! There were times when I had about 3-4 hours of ride to my next destination and oh, how can I forget? There were countless hours spent walking and climbing mountains!

Here are a couple of VERY QUICK videos that will play right after another:

As you can imagine, my schedules were packed. I was guided by a DoubleTree by Hilton employee from breakfast at 7am up to as late as 1am. I spent about 3-4 days in each DoubleTr…

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