Busy Summer For All!

I had plans of writing about our family Summer craziness, but like as usual, events flew by, and there wasn't enough to stop and breathe to write about it. First off, I underestimated how busy we were going to be. I had major plans of lounging around the house with the kids and maybe run around shopping, movies and eating out before we leave for our planned Hawaiian get-a-way.

Fast forward to August - we are no longer leaving for Hawaii. Sad, but honestly, we were all too busy to feel sad. I forget that my kids are not so little anymore where my husband and I can plan our family summer the way we want. No. Not anymore. 

Christian, our College boy, took a Summer internship job at Northwestern University. Matthew left for New Hampshire for an educational Summer program at Phillips Exeter Academy, and we decided to enroll Katie to Summer school, William canceled his vacation time off at work, and so I ended up focusing on my writing projects.

In just a few weeks Fall classes will be starting for all three kids, and we're back to the routine. All three kids are still immersed with their Summer ongoings, and they're having so much fun. In a general scheme of things, we're accomplishing a FUN summer for all. Just not altogether the entire time, but hey, ALL GOOD.

Here are some of our milestone moments in pics this Summer.

Last Day of School pics:
Last day of 6th Grade for Katie

Last Day of HS Sophomore Year for Matthew

Last Day of College Freshman Year for Christian

Here are more of Christian's Dorm Move-Out Day pics:

And he even made a fun video recap of his Freshman Year at Northwestern University: