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When I first sprang into blogging in 1999 (when we just found out we're pregnant for the first time), I didn't know I'd still be here today writing about the family. Now with three children, my husband and I are not without the daily fun, sweetness and all the crazy excitement in life.

We're a Chinese-Filipino family residing in the beautiful Chinatown neighborhood of Chicago. We love to travel and frequent our most preferred spot is Hawaii, and our global taste in food keeps things interesting in our kitchen. We've traveled from several countries in Asia and Europe and from the US Coast to Coast. We are all always excited to try diverse cuisines except my husband who is way more scrupulous than our kids. Our children speak and write in English, Mandarin, maybe spit out some Cantonese and blend in a few Tagalog words.

Why I continue to blog:

This blog has been a source of joy for my family. Always laughing and reminiscing about the crazed adventures we've had so far. That's what encourages me to maintain writing here mainly because I want to keep remembering all of it, as much as I can. is an album of our life. A slice of our Tam Family in pictures, videos, and words.

About Me

Digital Media Producer and Multimedia Storyteller

I’m MJ Tam, a mom of three children. I have a son in College, another son in High School, and a daughter in 6th Grade. My work has been in Social Media / New Media since 1999 and ran a Social Media Influencer Agency and Production Company that strategizes Social Media video campaigns and worked with major companies like Dyson, Walgreens, General Motors, Hilton Hotels, and more.

I currently run a gamut of websites and presently the editor at and head blogger for I co-host and produce a high-profile live-stream show with Nancy Loo of WGN News called The #ChicagonistaLIVE Show that garners 18 million Social Media impressions within the hour of the show.

I was one of the DTour representatives for DoubleTree Hilton Hotels that traveled to 7 Asian countries in 31 days. I wrote about that here.

I also used to write for the Yahoo! Motherboard blog and once authored the Chicago Tribune / ChicagoNow blog called DigiFams. I was among the first speakers invited at the Google HQ that spoke about blogging at the Mom Knows Tech event, and to this day, I can be found speaking at Media events and conferences and most recently at the Powerful Women In Media leading the Social Media topic.

As a 3x (and counting) skydiver, I will jump in on anything exciting that's about to come my way! Watch me go!

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