Friday, October 05, 2018

A Piece of Me

Just over two weeks ago, my oldest child, Christian, moved into his College campus at Northwestern University. A new phase in our lives as a family.

I am sad, but my excitement overrode the feeling of melancholy. Christian is ready for this, and I can't wait to see him flourish and grow into an even more spectacular human being.

Things have been going smoothly, then, my daughter said, "Does it mean we have to start a new family group text on the phone so we won't be bothering him every day?"

That was when I lost it.

It's the smallest things that make me sad. Quiet never sounded so loud. Especially because I don't hear myself shout as much anymore. It's funny but true.

"Take your clothes to the hamper!"

"Pick up your trash off the living room!"

"Lower your music, please!"

"Do you realize who you are talking to? I'm not your friend, I'm your MOM!"

I hated having to shout at him, though I don't regret being strict with him. I should've been nicer at times, and he could've been nicer at times. Woulda. Shoulda. Coulda.

I miss him, but my heart is filled with so much pride. Hey, that walking amazingness at the Evanston campus is A PIECE OF ME! I made him! Wow, just wow!

Monday, June 25, 2018

My Boys Are Keeping Busy and Fresh All Summer

Disclosure: I am writing this #AXETalesByMom post on behalf of Unilever and sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.

Just a few weeks after this school year’s end, my boys are already on the go! Even family summer vacation plans were chucked because my teen boys are loaded with exciting activities already.

My oldest son, Christian, just recently graduated from HS and even with the excitement of getting ready for Northwestern University this Fall, he also accepted an internship at the Lincoln Park Zoo Laboratory. But it’s not just all work, my future wanna-be-doctor filled his whole Summer with lots of play, too!

Then, my 15-year-old, Matthew, who is heading to sophomore this Fall also accepted his very first Summer job. Very first job, EVER! He’ll be busy at the Chinese American Service League assisting and learning about all sort of things in our small Chinatown community. And just like my oldest son, Matthew will also soak up Summer with lots of play.

These boys are going to be very busy this Summer, that's for sure! After work, they hang with their friends, ride their bikes, play basketball, and play as much Tennis as they can. You can imagine loads of laundry after the hundreds of showers they take! On hot Summer days, they jump in the shower at least 2-3x a day! Showers before work, after play, and on some nights, showers take place right before bedtime, too!

Like most teens, they are self-conscious and hyper-aware of themselves. Long gone are the days that I get to choose the kind of soap, shampoo, and deodorant to buy and for them to use. Now, my boys are starting to take over my shopping list and AXE products are always on there! I do see how much more relaxed and confident they are since they started using this brand. Even my husband said so himself! So when I was offered the opportunity to work with AXE, I excitedly jumped on in added it to my list to buy at Walmart.

The new AXE Gold products are scented with Oud Wood and Vanilla. My boys find the scent extremely appealing. I was adamant in the beginning and told my husband that I thought it smelled too "manly" for my teens, but when I look at my boys who are gargantuan compared to now my smaller stature beside them, I chuckled at how silly my statement was. My husband quickly said, “they are not babies anymore, you know?”.  Well, he’s right. Recently I heard compliments from their girl “friends” on how great they smell at the BBQ party, so there. Sigh. My boys are also pleasantly pleased with how long-lasting the deodorant and body sprays are. My oldest son instantly went back to the store to buy two more spray bottles of the Deodorant Body Spray. One for his car, and the other for his gym bag!

Hey, anything to keep my boys smelling fresh all day and creating a positive body image, I’m all over it! So, thank you AXE!

Disclosure: I am writing on behalf of Unilever and sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own. #AXETalesByMom #Walmart