One Enchanted CORNY Evening!

For Valentine's Day, the high-end Chicago salons (Mario Tricoci) are holding a "One Enchanted Evening" Love Story contest. Ok...ok...start rolling those eyes lol....My first reaction? "How corny"! As I thought of Robert Goulet singing as Emille De Becque to Nellie Forbush (broadway fans would know who they are) So corny that I had to enter right?!. Why? For 2 reasons:
  • To hopefully win their fabulous prize (and why not?!)
  • Perfect timing to write one for my most patient and wonderful husband.
When they emailed me back today that my entry was accepted and entered, I went ahead to read it to my husband. He listened. Intently.

Husband: It's Corny!

Me: (chuckling) Well, love stories are corny!

Husband: What dazzled you again?

Me: Your bright future plans. (smiling and hugging)

Husband: (pointed at the kids) There's our bright future plans.

Me: (smiling bigger, no words needed)

Happy Valentines To All!!!

Here's My Submitted Entry and now go here and VOTE FOR ME?! please? and maybe write one and enter yourself? Let me know if you vote or submit too.


Our love story is not filled with roses, songs, or diamonds, but it is one that is instinctively and undoubtedly of pure love.

Who need roses when my husband packs my lunch for work everyday without being asked? Who need songs when my husband hums a happy tune when we’re driving to the grocery? And who need diamonds when he already dazzles me with our bright future plans ahead?

One might not find him romantic, but I do. Isn’t it romantic that he manages to add a fruit to my packed lunch everyday? Isn’t it romantic that he’d hum me a tune that he knows could make me smile? Isn’t it romantic that he watches out for our lifelong comfort forever?

Unquestionably Pure Love.


Lee said…
Hi MJ, its beautiful. Love stories like this.
How you doin'? I guess lots of men find love stories "corny", ha ha.

Not me, I live my life for love. And love is like playing the piano. First we must learn to play by the rules, then we must forget the rules and play from the heart.
Have a great Ox year, MJ.
Best regards, Lee.
Mommy Liz said…
Wow, that is quite an awesome one. Hey, I voted for love story is too long and complicated, hahaha! But It is a great one too..
Superha said…
i voted for you, too. hope you win! :)
Mom2Amara said…
I tried to vote but it wouldn't let me at work :( So I'll try again at home.

But I have to say, I had gone to the downtown Mario Tricoci a few times. So I have my fingers crossed for you!