Unsweetened Thoughts

There is one word in my head all day today. DE-CLUTTER! Probably because I was reading Melisa Well's blog and she wrote a post about getting organized for 2012. But the kind of de-cluttering I have in mind is not so much on organizing my home, or even work. I need those done too, but just not what I was thinking of. I really meant more on people.

Sadly, there are a few people I thought of completely cutting the cords with. Probably not so abnormal, right? The thought of just getting rid of all the noise sounds somewhat sweet right now. Just the unrelenting unnecessary noise. I'm not going to give examples as to why and what happened. I'd really not spend the time to delve into that. Especially in this blog. See the title? SUGAR in MY BOWL. Blog dedicated to everything that I love and enjoy. But maybe it's not so sweet to just eliminate such people off my list. Maybe they're the reason why the rest are all the more sweeter. 

Yeah, that's it. Life's sweet...I'll keep calm and have a cupcake instead.


Melisa Wells said…
Yum, cupcakes.
Now what were you talking about? haha
Paula said…
The only people I sometimes want to cut out of my life, I can't, since they're family. I do plan to de-clutter in other ways, though! I need to get the crap out of my house!
April said…
I think it is important to sometimes keep a healthy distance. I have a friend that I dearly love, but the friendship is toxic. It hurts me that we can't be friends anymore since I do love her, but it's just not good for me, and I think she'd agree that it's not good for her, either. It hurts, but the negative energy was worse. Getting that out allows for more sweetness.