A Bowlful of Emotion for Breakfast

Today marks another big family milestone. Our youngest child (my baby) is attending her first day of school (all day, 5 days a week) with her 2 older brothers. For the first time in 10 years, my breakfast and lunch hours are truly my own! Wow!

While the kids were having breakfast this morning, my middle son (7 years old) told my daughter to make sure to raise her hand when she needs help. My oldest boy (10 years old) also advised that she be nice to her classmates, and remember to share. I proudly listened to my loving boys handing down loving tips. I couldn't help but think, "Wow, we made those little creatures?” - I had to breathe in to control my tears.

As planned, I took off a full day from any work stuff so I can stick around in school in case my daughter needs me. There were some crying and only because she saw how afraid some of her classmates were. She is after all ONLY 3 YEARS OLD. Come to think of it, she's still a baby! My baby.

When the kids finally calmed down, the teacher's assistant told parents that it is time to leave the classroom. Suddenly, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I sat in front of the school for a few minutes, walked away a little, and checked to see if I missed a call from her teacher. That went on for about 15 minutes. Finally I felt that it was safe for me to leave school grounds for some breakfast. It felt weird. Imagine that after 10 years, I'm again having breakfast ALONE without having to worry if there was someone to stay with the kids or the baby. I had never really imagined a moment like this.

After school, I picked up a very happy little girl. She had many fun stories to share and it was wringing my heart with all sorts of emotion. Sad. Happy. Sad. But, overall VERY HAPPY!

It was a happy morning even all the way to our first day of drive to school. I’m excited of my many free mornings and days to come, but there’s a part of me that is still very sad. My babies are all growing up too fast.


Laptop TV Mom said…
Happy first day of school! (Your baby girl is way too cute!!) Enjoy your quiet breakfasts!
April said…
I love the part about her big brothers giving her advice for her first day. So cute! Congrats, Mom. Quite a milestone.
YvonneinLA said…
Your kids are adorable and they sound so sweet with each other. Congratulations on the first day.
NancyLoo said…
Great post! I bet Katie will be running that school by next month. ;-)
MJ Tam said…
Thanks LapTop TV Mom! Quiet breakfast....aaah!

April - You're so busy yourself! Thanks for dropping by.

YvonneinLA - aaww thanks. Hope to see you somewhere soon.

Nancy - thanks! I think you are probably right about Katie! hehe
It was almost impossible to focus on anything other than those adorable faces in that first picture! I am so impressed with the older brothers and I am smitten with that giant backpack on tiny back picture.;)
Congrats on raising such gems mom. Enjoy your lunch hours.
I hope that a few years from now I'll be able to write the same sweet words about my boys. How lovely that they're already looking out for their little sister. I'm guessing they learned from the best. Good luck with the year ahead!
Mommy Liz said…
Breakfast alone, hmmm.. 2 more years and I will have that too. So, finally, you are alone all day 5 days a week, and you feel weird? You'll get used to it. Katie seems to be doing great going to school all day huh, I believe Wrozlie is the same way, but I am not sure about Alex, she can't stand it if she doesn't see Lola for 2 hours. Your boys are so great, they learned from you guys..
Asianmommy said…
How nice! I'm excited, too. Both of mine will start school tomorrow.
MJ Tam said…
@Cristie Ritz King aww...thanks! That backpack does look like a giant one on her, doesn't it!?

@Amy @YodelingMamas The boys are really very sweet to their sister. I bet your boys are as doting on you. :-)

@MommyLiz Yea...a strange feeling when you don't have anyone to feed other than yourself. I love it, but at the same time, I miss it.

@AsianMommy Yay! Congrats on your back-to-school kiddos and mommy! :-)
Unknown said…
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