The Optimist In Me

As I try to grasp with all that is happening around me, I have yet landed myself another big responsibility. Last week I was up to my throat in getting launched and today I won the seat for secretary of the school board by a landslide. Ok, that's not entirely the truth. I won by default. Well, that's sort of the truth. But really, there was no one else who wants to get nominated, other than another Mom and I who will be sharing the position. I'm laughing as I type this, but the whole responsibility that comes along with it is not a laughing matter.

When I became a mother I remember sitting in a corner asking myself “what have I gotten myself into”? I was so hard on myself. Many times I wondered if I could be a good mother. I was drowning in self-doubt but determined to not fail in motherhood. I then surrounded myself with supportive mothers in mommy groups and playgroups in search for better parenting skills. As time passed by I became more comfortable and my insecurities as a new mother fizzled. I am proud of what I’ve become and I can actually say that I'm a great mom without cringing.

Ever since then, I've learned to be at ease on what I can actually accomplish. Right before my second pregnancy (2 years after my firstborn), I opened my own business. It was invigorating, and the business thrived. After about 6 years down, I closed it because of family. And at to this day I'm at peace with it. I gave it my all, and it gave back 10 fold the reward in money and emotional fulfillment.

Then a new phase in my life came about early last year when I decided to launch It brought back my writing mojo and entrepreneurial spirit alive again. That is a reward in itself, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think of the success it will bring. I worked hard on it and took things seriously as I always do in any job. In return, I was rewarded with so many things that may be incomprehensible to one that is clueless of the social media power and blogging combined can bring. I got my feet wet and desired for bigger web existence. This past week, launched. I solicited another passionate writer and eco chic organizer friend for partnership and we cranked many hours of hard work and preparation into it. The site is publicly just 2 weeks old, and already I’m seeing many wonderful rewards coming my way.

I am optimistic that this new title as Secretary of the School Board will make a difference. I won't allow myself to get into the "what have I got myself into" zone again. Sure, I'll look like a fish out of water for the first few weeks. I also know that it'll take more than rearranging my calendars to make room. But with a little of my experience, knowing my own self-worth is much more important than having self-doubt. I will strive to work hard and I will reap the rewards in my children. And that is how I will roll...

So bring it on!


You're certainly more than Jane the Riveter....but Jane, the mom, the writer, the ultimate marketeer, the social butterfly, the cook (sometimes), and an inspiration to us all moms, and er dads too...

MJ you are inspiring and I LOVE the energy and spirit you have! It's rare... you have just got "it!"

Geraldine said…
woo hooo... my friend.
don't forget me when you are a millionaire... or are you already? hehehe

blog snob signing off
Anonymous said…
You always amaze me. I hope to have that confidence soon.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on winning the seat! You'll do a great job.
Anonymous said…
Way to go momma MJ and congrats on all your new adventures!
bonggamom said…
You are an inspiration to me -- just look at you, honey! All your sites are a great success! You deserve a pat on the back and a manicure and pedicure :)
Mom2Amara said…
When Amara started school, I signed up for PTA and Girl Scouts and some other stuff. My boss (also a Mom) scolded me and told me I would regret taking on so much.

But through it all (and there has been a lot the last two months), I never once thought "what have I gotten myself into?" I'm glad there are other moms out there that *enjoy* going for the gold!

Congrats on everything, MJ. You deserve it!
Mommy Liz said…
Bring in on sista! Wow, don't you have enough things to do already? Kakabilib ka talaga..Anyways, how can I put your ChicagoMomViews logo on my blog. I don't see any code. I want to put it, it looks neat, Hehehe.
Take care and Have fun with your new "job" as Secretary of the School Board. I know you can do it.. :)