My 7 Minutes Of Fame --- or Mistake?

Today was incredible. First off, our dear friend Jill Asher the Silicon Valley Moms Group founder that owns (the collaborative blog that I also write for) was on The Today Show to talk about Mommy Blogging and it was so exciting to see her there. As I said to Jill on her voicemail today – she looked like a moviestar! Great job Jill! Click here to watch video. But not after reading the rest of my story ok!

Meanwhile, I was preparing for my own TV debut heading to the CNN studio here in Chicago for a guest interview in a US-based Asian TV show called “Kababayan”(meaning countrymen) – a program that tackles topics and issues on or about Filipino-Americans. I was invited to come and talk about the blog I had founded called It sounded like I landed a pretty good gig without a hitch – but wait until I tell you what had happened before the actual interview.

Days before today, I made sure that my parents come (for the baby) early so I can at least look half way decent compared to what I’m accustomed to lately. It was a rainy morning and today’s forecast was dismal. But I’m not going to let that dampen my spirits – No siree! I planned that THIS DAY, I will actually do my hair instead of just tousling it up away from my face. This day, I will actually put on make-up like you are supposed to instead of the quick dotting of foundation that covers my blemishes. And this day, I will wake up with enough sleep so I can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed just for the interview. I was glad to see my parents arriving enough for me to look and feel great. Just as I had imagined, my hair ended up looking fierce and my make-up fabulous.

You would think that all this was an indication to a great ending, but little did I know that a number of disasters were looming around the corner. The comedy started just when I got dropped off in front of the Tribune Building at 11:45 where the CNN studio is located and enough time to feel comfortable for my 12:15 on air scheduled via satellite interview from Los Angeles. But to make this long story short – let me bullet point it for you.

  • From the lobby I walked straight to the elevators only to be stopped by security because I bypassed a whole line of security check in. How could I’ve missed it?

  • When I got to the CNN office, they were baffled why I was there 2.5 hours ahead of time. 2.5 hours?! Checked by thru my email and apparently my eyes missed the letters P.S.and T. on the end of 12:15. You know, Pacific Standard Time…meaning 2:15 Chicago time! Trying to look cool obviously failed.

  • So I had to kill time – 2.5 hours! Hurray – freedom to shop in Michigan Avenue is always exciting, but did I mention that it was said to be raining all day? Do I need to even say that my make-up melted and my fab hair-do became a frizzied wet-do?

  • I dragged my spirits all the way to Walgreens and bought some hair shiner and brush hoping to salvage the DO that still ended up into a DON’T even after a few minutes of trying to look decent again.

  • Got to the interview and was briefed on some questions. My microphone was hooked through my dress and my earphone put on. The camera guy assured me that I looked fine blah…blah…blah…He was truly just being kind.

  • Show started, I was listening in on the cyclone news that happened in Myanmar from my earpiece and when it went to a commercial the show host; Janelle So, said that a Filipina Mom is guesting on the show and make sure to stay-tuned…or something like that. As soon as I heard that, my heart started racing and I started breaking into sweats! Uuggh..Can you say wet rag once more?

  • The 7 minute interview went and gone and I THINK I sounded dumb and probably looked like an ass. And the more I think about it tonight, there are so many things that I wish I could’ve said. Shoulda…Woulda…Coulda…a little too late.

The producer said that the video will be online soon, and I don’t know if I really want to share it with people now. So many have heard about it, and so there is this pressure to share. I can only hope that I was not as bad as I thought I was.


Nilsa S. said…
I would've been exactly like you - cool, calm, ready to go ... until it's time to go and then I would've freaked out, not said things the way I wanted and disappointed myself in the end. The good news for you ... most of us won't notice a thing and will probably think you did a great job. Here's hoping you'll connect us with the video link!
Geraldine said…
woohooo... way to go girl.. hey... don't forget you still look good without make up or highlights.. so don't worry about it.

I'd do naked if I get a chance to be on TV.. hahahaha..
Oh, I am sure you did great! I can't wait to see it!

MJ Tam said…
Thanks *nilsa, *jane, and *steph...I'm still contemplating if I should share the video. Let me sit on this first.
Anonymous said…
OOo how exciting!!! If you decide to share know you will be sharing it with your biggest fans :)
BOSSY said…
Bossy's sure you did amazing. We are our own worst critics. Mean unforgiving critics.
Cathy said…
I'm sure you did great!
MJ Tam said…
**bossy and cathy** Finally saw the video, but still a little hesitant in posting it here. Felt like there were unfinished questions etc...etc... Buth thanks