Daniel-san Revisited

Remember the movie Karate Kid? Well I just rented it for my boys this weekend and they just loved it. They were practically glued to the TV screen, and they laughed and did the karate actions while watching the movie. And of course the most memorable parts are the “wax on-wax off” moments. Who could forget that?

Now my 6 year old is asking if that’s what they actually do in Martial Arts classes to train for Karate. I jokingly told him that when I ask him to help me vacuum (which he hates) it is because I want him to train his upper arm muscles. Hehe. And before I could even take the joke back, he ran and brought the vacuum back with him! Hahaha. Pfft, if I only knew that renting a movie made from my high school days of 1984 would finally get my son to help me pick up around the house, then I would’ve done it long time ago. Hehe

So now I’m scouring 80s movies from the top of my head that I think my boys will also enjoy. So far I thought of: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Zapped, Lucas, and Weird Science. Boy, those were the good old days!

Anyone else remember these movies?

It has been a crazy week in my end, and will only get crazier so I apologize for not responding back to my commenters just yet. I am starting to backtrack and may take me a day to check thru everything as well as visit my favorite blogs in my blogroll.

I also have been a terrible landlady lately and have not even mentioned my newest tenant until today. Won't you please visit The Crazy Housewife blog and don't forget to bring along some sugar from me.

By the way --- I have an awesome contest coming this Wednesday, so pls. come back and check by then.


Anonymous said…
aaaahhhh! the 80's, I remember them well.
Cristina said…
Ooooh. Ferris Bueller's Day off is one of my all time favorites! I am also privy to anything with John Candy in it (e.g., Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Uncle Buck). They just don't make comedies the way they did in the 80s, eh?
Lori O. said…
They would LOVE Little Dragons (IMDB: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1800089072/info)
Technically, it's a late 70's movie, but you don't have to tell them that. It's pretty poorly made but it stars two karate kids who save a cute girl from bad guys--classic.
And what about The Goonies, Adventures in Babysitting, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure? The golden age of film, it was.
Kel said…
Zapped! I loved that movie. I also laughed really hard at the Porky's movies. Of corse I won't be letting the boys watch that any time soon! LOL
Anonymous said…
I vote for Ferris Bueller' Day off too!

hehe that totally rocks that you are sharing the classics with your kids!
Anonymous said…
Love those movies! I think I might get my teenage daughter to watch Pretty in Pink with me this weekend. But thanks for reminding me about Karate Kid--maybe I will go rent it for my son this week : )
JMom said…
LOL! I remember all those! I have to rent that movie for my girls so they stop giving me strange look everytime I quote Mr. Miyage and do the crane pose :-D
Mama Grouch said…
Secrets of Nimh! The Dark Crystal! And Real Genius with a very young Val Kilmer when they get a little older.

ooo, contest...i'll be back!
Mama Kelly said…
dont forget the breakfast club!!!
Mom on the Run said…
Yes, well when you rent Weird Science.. be prepared to have the 'Why Boys Want to Build A Woman Robot with Big Titties' Talk. Good luck with that!
Looooved 'wax on, wax off!'
Anonymous said…
I love the 80s movies - how about Ghostbusters or Stand By Me?
MJ Tam said…
Short Circuit! Thanks, I totally forgot about that one!

I hope to keep remembering. I heard we get to a point when we forget about everything…hehe
Mommy Off the record
We just saw it last week, but there are lots of bad words in Uncle Buck, and I forgot all about it, so I was kind of cringing a lot while watching with my kids. But I am sure to rent that PlanesTrains…Thanks!
Comedy in the 80s are just so much funnier…simpler times compared to now-a-days

Holiday Golightly
Added Little Dragons on my Netflix queue, thanks!

LOL Porky’s ! I think I will rent that for hubby and I to revisit. Hehe

Kinda funny to hear “our” movies then are now considered classics. Damn I feel old!

Pretty In Pink !!!!!!!! Oh I love all those Molly Ringwald movies! I remember feeling bad for Ducky too! Hehe


I thought I was the only one doing the Crane thing…hehe

Mama Grouch

Oooh! I’ll look into those

Mama Kelly

Breakfast Club is on my list!!!! I used to drool on Rob Lowe in that movie! And I swore to name my daughter Jules when I have one one day, just like Demi Moore’s character name in that movie…haha! Dunno why though!

Mommy On the Verge
Funny coz I realized that after posting about Weird Science. That will be taken off my list! Thanks!
Ghostbusters and Stand By Me…great suggestions! I have added on my Netflix Queue. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Save Ferris!
shpprgrl said…
80's movies rock! My daughter and I watch 80's movies too. The only one that I can think of right now that would appeal to boys would be ET.