Rain Rain Go Away

This past Friday I have been invited to join the staff writer team of a newly launched Chicago neighborhood online mag and I couldn’t be more excited. I have this blog to thank for having been discovered. Apparently, the Communications Director has been lurking here and enjoyed my writing style. Who would’ve known! Now if you had a chance to read my “101 Things About Me” (found in my sidebar), it shows in #35 that I once dreamt of being a writer. And voila, here it is! But then again, does this make me a writer? So imagine my excitement when I was asked!

I will basically write about everything and anything about Chicago Chinatown and its surrounding neighborhoods. So every night I have been concocting of many articles I would like to write. At most times these exciting ideas lull me to a happy sleep. My semi-organized mind ran through many contacts and research ways about this Chinatown. The possibilities are just so endless and my excitement is surging even more.

My problem is that although I have many great ideas, I can easily be intimidated. I tend to question myself when people question my capabilities. Like I am not worth of such honor. Deep down it makes me angry, but it definitely fuel the flames in my love of writing. So in my excitement to do this newly acquired work, I question myself if I am doing this just to prove that I could. I hate to think of it that way, but some people have a way of dampening your spirits!

Have you ever been in a situation when someone near and dear to you have no faith in what you can accomplish?


Kel said…
congrats!! How exciting for you. :)
Mom on the Run said…
Girl, you go! Don't worry about the naysayers (if they are any), just go forth young maiden! All my life I had some people tell me I couldn't do something..and then I believed them. I wish I could say I was one of those people who ignored those comments, but I didn't. I listened. But, now that I'm turning 40..I say to myself and to you..go for it!
Stacy said…
Don't question yourself - just do it. I was the same way when I first started writing. Anytime an editor came to me with a million red marks through an article I worked hard on, I took it so personal, but you have to take it with a grain of salt. If they didn't believe in you or your writing you wouldn't have been offered the gig. Go for it!!!!
MJ Tam said…

Thanks hon!

Mommy On The Verge

You got me on the Young Maiden part...hehe. I'm nearing 40 now too.

J's Mommy

Thanks for the encouraging words
Heather Bea said…
You can do it! I usually have less faith in myself than everyone else around me. That has always been the case and if I can just keep from passing that trait onto my girls I will be happy.

Congrats on the new title, you will do Chicago China Town proud.
cheH said…
hey congrats sugarmama!I believe you have an excellent writing skills, If I were you, I'll grab this chance!!

MJ Tam said…

Thank you for the encouraging words.


I just did! Thank you so much. :-)
Anonymous said…
How awesome is it that someone just spotted your writing and pursued hiring you? That should be such a confidence builder in itself.

Since I'm a Chicago girl myself, I want the site so I can find out all about Chinatown and other fun Chi-town stuff to do.

Don't doubt yourself. If you can't help it, just fake confidence and pretty soon you'll do such a great job you'll forget all about feeling insecure.
MJ Tam said…

Thanks Gi! It's nice to see my girlfriends commenting here:-)


Thank you for the encouraging words.I will sure to post the links to my articles here in my blog.
Paige said…
That's wonderful. I'm so happy for you that you have this opportunity. If nothing else, I'm sure it's going to be a fun experience. Really fun!! I look forward to reading about it ;) hehe.
Valerie said…
WTG Girl! I can't wait to read some of the articles seeing as I am from Chicago too. Congrats!
Cristina said…
How exciting to be discovered! If in doubt of your abilities, I would just focus on the fact that this person thought you were such a good writer that he offered you a job. I mean, who does that happen to?! You're awesome. Congrats.
MJ Tam said…

Thnx! I'm excited and I do hope that it'll be fun.


I will definitely let you know when I finally get my first article in. Thanks Val!

Mommy Off the record

Thanks for taking the time to give me that great advice!
BlondeBlogger said…
Oh my gosh, SM, that is so exciting!!! I am so happy for you!! Poo on any doubters. Ten to one they'll be asking for a piece of your paycheck when you're rich and famous!
Mama Grouch said…
Wow, you rock (but we already knew that). I have daydreamed of the scenario you are living...so live it for the rest of us wanna-be writers everywhere!

er, no pressure.

You are going to be great, and the confidence will come. Till then, like kathryn said, just fake it!
Anonymous said…
That is so cool!! Congrats!

My Dad's wife was a witch and discouraged me from all my dreams until one day I just left and I am still afraid to try sometimes. I am trying to get over it...