I speak Engrish, and you?

Hey I'm Asian so I can make fun of my people! hehe. Here are some hilarious pics (and unfortunately real) from Engrish.com, a site that I've been visiting for years now.

If you're happy and you know it, crap your hands...crap crap
Everybody sing with me...

I ruv my groundpa and groundma! Do you?

It's buy one get wan flee! Prus flench flies!

Now will you ruv me rong time and leave me a comment please?


Anonymous said…

I love that website too, even though I'm Latina and not asian.
cheH said…
haha that's hilarious!

it reminds me of a person,who has excellent oral skills but totally poor in written (spelling skills)
he wrote: 'buttered wife' instead of, battered wife LOL
Kel said…
Haha! My sleep deprived brain LOVES that website.

I soo needed a laugh this morning. Oh and I came by for my coffee. ;)
Anonymous said…
LOL ... thanks for chuckle! My weekend can get off to a good start now. :D
Anonymous said…
LOL That is too funny!! My husband is half Japanese and laughed like crazy at those!
MJ Tam said…
Thanks All for enjoying the funny pics!