Treasuring Every Moment I Get with My Growing Kids

Writing about things I love in Chicago (and beyond) has its perks. I'm not talking about the incredible shows and meals. Of course those too, but what I truly love the most is when I can have one or all of my children accompany me and experience and discover new things with me. I've dined with them at some pretty exciting places, brought them along to theatre shows, and the whole family even traveled with me to some unimaginable destinations.

However, it's not as easy to seize my children and go to events anymore. They're getting older, and they are obviously NOT as enthused in hanging out with old mama. It takes a lot of convincing. I get it, though, but I continue to have them join me because I know they will enjoy themselves anyway. And 95% of the time, I'm right! 5% of the mistake is from how exhausted they are from school, and here I am dragging them to an event, and they still have homework to get done. I feel terrible, but I also know that they can learn more from exposure and experience.

My middle boy, Matthew, is the hardest to persuade and take along. He's canceled on me a couple of times before, but I still insist that he join me whenever an invite to bring someone with pops up. He went with me this time to the Djembe! Show (link to my Chicagonista write-up if you're interested in learning more) and judging from his participation in the drumming and after-show critiques; I know deep down how much he appreciated being there. I hope he'll join me soon at another event.

I cherish every moment I spend time with each of my children.