Facebook Seriously Rocks!

Some of you who follow me on my personal Facebook page may remember when I shared this friendly stranger story. Back in 2017 when I was Dartmouth College touring with my son, we sat near this young lady dining by herself at a restaurant who overheard a little bit about my son’s concerns and she helped and gave some light to it all.

 Then --- she surprised us with her kindness leaving us a note saying that the meal was on her! 😲What?! We didn’t know all this until we asked for our check and she’s been long gone already. (check my original Facebook story below) and of course, I had to find her in Social Media to connect!

Anyway, we kept in touch since and she’s graduating from the East Coast this May with a Chemistry major, and moving here to the Midwest for her Bio-Chemical Engineering Ph.D. and now in Chicago and so we invited her to meet me and my son for Dimsum! I enjoyed learning more about her and her family, and although I’m lost when my son and her starts talking excitedly about Science stuff and gabbing on some editing of DNA Gene CRISPR or something like that, I managed to throw in my new found love in cooking.😂 Uhmm...yea. My mama talk may be a bit boring, but I think I managed to not look so dumb. Haha

Here's the Original Facebook Post!