Awesome Girls Day at the Museum!

Yesterday my girl Katie and I spent the morning at the #WiredToWear exhibit, a new Museum of Science & Industry exhibit that showcases inventions that transform the way we live. To kick off the exhibit Morning, Makers! breakfast speaker is Katie’s friend, Jordan Reeves. I will be writing about the whole exhibit at, so check over there if you'd like to learn more about the Wired To Wear exhibit.

Jordan is a Missouri native 13 year-old-girl who built a prosthetic arm that shoots glitter. We’re so proud to know her! I happen to love her mama, Jen, too. We’ve been getting together since our girls were little and encouraged Katie and Jordan to write and even became penpals.

Jordan and her mom founded an organization called Born Just Right, a non-profit foundation that develops creative solutions for kids with disabilities.

Check out the last pictures below when Katie and Jordan were hanging out in 2013 at the same museum! They were so little then!