Popcorn Bundt Cake - A Sweet Surprise Popped Up!

I just recently received a surprise from my friend Maria Bailey, and it's one of her Popped Passion Popcorn Bundt Cake! It was truly a delightful surprise complete with a handwritten note mentioning the hours we spent gabbing by the pool until 2 am in the morning. Just us being mommies talking about life at home and work. I, too, miss getting the chance to soak up that all-nighter chats with her. I should also mention that we were at Turks and Caicos lapping up that gorgeous weather and grateful for the friendship.

Look how crazy I look on this video capture!
Back to the surprise - First off, opening a beautifully wrapped package made me feel like a kid in a candy store. I was so giddy opening it, and it didn't help that my daughter was hurrying me along and you know that I still have to take pictures and hoped to capture it all on a video.

(Oh, yeah, I made an unboxing video, but I couldn't even finish through watching myself. I taped that late in the evening when I just came back from a full day of running around outside. So, I'm sorry, but I had to chuck editing the video.)

Receiving this Popcorn Cake was like opening a surprise box of confetti, rainbows, and balloons, but ALL OF THAT --- is INSIDE the cake!

Ok, I have to admit - being a Chicagoan, and a big Garrett's Popcorn fan makes all other popcorn companies seem subpar in my eyes, but WAIT TIL YOU TRY THIS! I seriously couldn't stop snacking on my Popcorn Cake! It was a perfect marriage of sweet, salty, buttery, chewy, and crunch that makes it so addicting.

You guys -- the next time you want to celebrate and give that special someone a gift, consider giving them a Popped Passion Popcorn Cake! You can even customize it to their favorite candies, sprinkles, and drizzles!

To you, Maria ---- Thank You! My Popped Passion cake reminded me of all the sweet things and opportunities you've given to so many. Your kindness and thoughtfulness is the icing to all the cakes you are sending out there, and I wish you all the success in this new venture!