Piggy Bao for My Piggy Girl! 🐽🐷🐖

 12 years ago in 2007, I was way over a week overdue with my third child, Katie. I begged to be induced, but my water burst the eve of Chinese New Year, and she was born on the year of the Pig! The Year of the Pig occurs every 12 years on the zodiac calendar. But she wasn’t just another Pig —she was born at the Year of The Golden Pig! A cycle that only happens every 60 years. 2007 was an auspicious year saying that a child born in that year will experience a prosperous and healthy life.

By the way, I made that Bao, and it’s my first time making it. How was I successful on my first try? Well, I had Piggy girl for good luck! 😉

Happy New Year to all that celebrates Lunar New Year | Chinese New Year!

Me assembling the piggy face

All ready for steaming

Fresh off the steamer! It's Bao time!