Katie's Birthday Surprise - A Day With Her Bestie!

My girl, Katie, turned 12 yesterday and I surprised her with a full day with her bestie, Aliyah. I've gathered these two girls together on Katie's birthdays since they were in first grade, so to have Aliyah help me surprise Katie was pretty special. Thanks to Aliyah and her mom, Rica. I planned for lunch, movie, games, cupcakes, and some sightseeing. All the things Katie love and enjoy.

Our first stop was in Chicago's Chinatown Square. I was planning on Dimsum, but my girl would much rather have a real "lunch lunch" as she calls it. That means rice, with meat and veggies. She's obviously my girl! Haha So, off we went to Chi Cafe. She ordered her usual of Beef Chow Mein, Salt & Pepper Porkchop, some Ong Choy veggies, and more. I had a little mishap in realizing that I left my wallet at home. Yes, this was when I was about to pay. I called my husband, and he came to the rescue! Thank goodness!

After lunch, she requested for Bingo Tea and had her fave Jin Feng Black Tea with Salted Foam. After killing some time, we then went to the Roosevelt Collection Showplace Icon Theatre to watch the new movie, Alita (movie trailer). Both girls loved the movie so much!

After the movie, we then headed to the River East area for Molly's Cupcakes for her fave Red Velvet! There they played games for two hours. TWO! I loved hearing them giggle and just enjoy each other's company.
Before heading home, we snapped photos along the riverwalk and then it was time to take Aliyah home. The day turned out to be as perfect as the day she was born.