Annual Chinese New Year Event

This past Saturday Katie and I attended the annual Lunar New Year Benefit for their school. There's always so much excitement preparing for this event, and it's also the night that all my three children enjoy going to every single year during their grade school days.

Sadly, Katie is the only one left in that school so all the excitement is just focused on the baby of this household. Lucky her!Haha. I often reminisce those happy (and stressful) times when I had to get them all ready for this exciting night. It's the evening when all the kids get to enjoy running around with their friends performing traditional Chinese dances and class songs, and the night end with all the kids and some parents on the dance floor!

Katie sure had fun. Watching her celebrate Chinese New Year with girls she's been classmates with since they were three years old is bittersweet. They are all growing into beautiful and smart ladies, and in just two short years, they will all be going separate high schools. My boys went through a bit of that sadness but seeing them develop friends in high school and college; I am excited to see them all grow! I wish time would slow down a bit. Sigh.