A Piece of Me

Just over two weeks ago, my oldest child, Christian, moved into his College campus at Northwestern University. A new phase in our lives as a family.

I am sad, but my excitement overrode the feeling of melancholy. Christian is ready for this, and I can't wait to see him flourish and grow into an even more spectacular human being.

Things have been going smoothly, then, my daughter said, "Does it mean we have to start a new family group text on the phone so we won't be bothering him every day?"

That was when I lost it.

It's the smallest things that make me sad. Quiet never sounded so loud. Especially because I don't hear myself shout as much anymore. It's funny but true.

"Take your clothes to the hamper!"

"Pick up your trash off the living room!"

"Lower your music, please!"

"Do you realize who you are talking to? I'm not your friend, I'm your MOM!"

I hated having to shout at him, though I don't regret being strict with him. I should've been nicer at times, and he could've been nicer at times. Woulda. Shoulda. Coulda.

I miss him, but my heart is filled with so much pride. Hey, that walking amazingness at the Evanston campus is A PIECE OF ME! I made him! Wow, just wow!