This Mama Wins Everytime!

Yesterday I was searching through my blog about a post I did when the kids were little. I was just simply reminiscing a bit. One thing lead to another, I fell into an endless rabbit hole. I was happily reading through years of blog posts when the children were still under my control. I mean that in a way when I used to decide where we're eating, where we're going, and what we're doing for any given day, week, or moment. Now, each of them wants different things to eat, see, and do. Often I get aggravated. There's no easy compromising, either. One will negotiate saying it was your choice last week, and now it's my turn, but only then another would add that he/she will take over each other's chores if he/she gets the say. I wish all these are done in a civil discussion way, but more like in a shouting and annoying each other way. Nothing gets resolved until I just choose one that seems to be the easiest choice, but of course, that would mean pissing off the other two. Sigh.

That was just a small sampling of a day in my life as a mom of two teen boys and a tween girl. Come to think of it; I am happy that they still want to hang with the ole' mama and baba. Every week my whole family looks forward to a few hours of simple togetherness over dinner. This once-a-week family tradition fills up the emotional gas tank that keeps me going until the next one comes.  So, yes - I will take any of that petty argument amongst my children on what & where we should go because after all, the argument is about where they want to be with the family. I WIN WHEREVER THAT MAY BE.