Surprise! We got her good!

My youngest child turned 8 years old a few days ago and it just dawned on my husband and me that we've never given her a birthday party with her friends before. Sure - we celebrate it with family every year, but we've never planned one outside of the home just like what we did with our older boys. No need to tell you that we went all out especially with our firstborn. I'm sure many of you can relate!

So yeah, guilt made me decide to throw her an impromptu party with her friends. First off, I needed something quick and easy but still fun for the kids. Something I can manage while I happen to be working on one of my biggest annual project, but that's a whole other story. Will probably write about that in the next few days.

I called our favorite "Girls Day" (our own Mommy & Me Sundays) sweet spot called Flirty Cupcakes and boom - we were set without a hitch! I don't believe I had this much fun planning an event and I do plan quite a lot of those! Those who know me well would understand what I meant by that. Anyway, dealing with Flirty Cupcakes was a piece of cake...or maybe I should say a piece of cupcake. Not to mention - YUMMY! Thanks to Flirty Cupcakes who assisted me with it all. I texted back and forth with owner, Tiffany, while she's vacationing in some remote island. I'm thankful to her patience and also sorry that she had to deal with me on her vacation. So if you're in Chicago, you should go check them out!

The girls decorated their own cupcakes, laughed, danced, and laughed some more. My little girl was so happy and all the little sweet giggly smiles from her friends melted my heart into pieces. Thank goodness for the guilt trip! Hah!

Just in case you are wondering - No, this is NOT a compensated post. We just happen to be true fans of Flirty Cupcakes!

Check out this video from today: