Bring On The Blizzard!

It was a perfect Sunday for us.

 My kids and I couldn't wait to get dumped on with snow! Just a few blocks from our house is a big beautiful hill that has brought in so much fun for the kids. We go there for kiting on summers and sledding on winters! As soon as we heard  of a major blizzard forecast coming to the city, we started gathering our gears and even called friends to meet there. Today's snow did not disappoint (has been snowing non-stop for the last 24 hours) and to make things even more perfect for the kids - their school called off tomorrow! SNOW DAY!

We're supposed to end up with 18 inches of snow all together. How exciting! Ask me again after those pure white snow turns into mushy and yucky and I'm sure to complain instead. But OH, the fun memories we are making for our kids...

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