Polar Vortex is to blame for Chocolate goodness!

This subzero Chicago temp is even dubbed as #ChiBeria and so incredibly dangerous that another day of cancelled classes were announced. The windchill reached as low as -40F! It's crazy! Cabin fever has set in and we've been doing all sorts of experiment to keep the kids busy that resulted on this video below. This is  just to show you how crazy it is out there!

The rest of the day we napped, watched movies, and then suddenly we want some lava cakes bad! Dominos Pizza normally have them but I am not hauling my butt out there so I checked for the recipe online. I found this MICROWAVE MUG BROWNIES recipe and it promised less than 2 minutes of nuking. We decided to make it and IT WAS A SUCCESS! OMG - it was so good so I decided to share the recipe below.
Microwave Mug Brownie

Mix the dry ingredients below:
1/4 cup of flour
1/4 cup of sugar
2 tbsp of cocoa powder
A pinch of salt

Then mix in the liquids:
2 tbsp of olive oil (regular oil is fine)
3 tbsp of water
1/2 tsp of vanilla (optional)

Microwave for 2 mins

Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream if you have some and ENJOY!