Let's Talk Soup!

January is a National Soup Month, so let's talk soup!

I don't know about you but the thought of soup warms me up especially with the kind of winter we're experiencing here in Chicago. But truly in this household, winter or not - my kids are soup monsters! Yea, just like me.

Chinese HotPot
My kind of girlfriend outings lately are done over hotpot. There's nothing like sitting and gabbing with a group of my girlfriends over steaming Chinese hotpot that keeps our conversation going on for hours. HOURS!

Filipino Sinigang
When my kids visit my parents (gramps), they request that he makes Sinigang. A tamarind flavored soup that my kids love and enjoy.

Chinese Hot & Sour Soup
And my husband also always make Chinese tofu or winter melon soups for us.

All of which are quite an undertaking just to prep and make a pot of these soups. But cooking is simply not my cup of tea...or my BOWL of sugar. (Going with my blog name here). So when it's left to me to keep my family all souped up, I turn to their next favorite thing in the world. Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup! And did you know that Campbell's Condensed Chicken Soup turns 80?! Yes! Here's a quick fascinating fact that I learned about the Chicken Noodle Soup.
"Introduced in 1934, it was originally called "Chicken with Noodles" and enjoyed only moderate success. Later that same year, an innocent misstatement on a popular radio program caused sales to sky-rocket. One of the famous on-air personalities misread his copy and accidentally called the product "Chicken Noodle" soup. Suddenly, Campbell started receiving large orders for their "new" product. The soup was formally renamed "Chicken Noodle" after the erroneous turn of phrase caused high demand for the soup."
Happy Birthday! 

 Disclosure: I’m a paid ambassador compensated by the Campbell Soup Company -The Wisest Kid in the Whole World. My opinions are completely based on my own experience.