An EXTRA Exciting New Year!

2014 greeted us with freezing temps and lots of snow without any signs of it stopping soon. This is of course making it even harder for those of us who still have to haul our butts to work especially after the merry making (and eating) during the  Christmas & New Year holiday celebrations. But not to fret because the kids are having quite a ball, and that makes me very happy.

To make things more exciting, we just received news that school is cancelled on Monday due to extreme Chicago weather forecast. It is supposedly the first day of school back after 2 weeks of Christmas holiday and you should've seen the excitement when I announced that I received an email from their school! It was like opening another box of present from Santa! 

Just look at that picture on the left. Can you believe how crazy this is? Chicago will be hitting down to -52F windchill! The last time this happened in our area was about 30 years ago. Oh, and this is besides another 15 more inches of snow we are also supposedly getting. Yikes! Quite a scary thought and like the kids, we have decided to work from home too. We're a bit afraid to drive and walk in that kind of weather. I'm imagining cars will be slipping and sliding everywhere. 

But back to the good part - the family is making the most of the extra long weekend before school and so we armed the house with lots of groceries and even listed some must-see family movies! But before Monday hits, the kids took some fun time to play in the snow as we shoveled our alley before another pile gets dumped on us. The cold weather has nothing on the warmth we are feeling in the family. 
Happy New Year!