Monday, December 23, 2013

It Got Really Silly with PicMonkey!

I have not printed Christmas cards for many years now but I've always taken the time in designing my own virtual cards for my families and friends. Normally I'd dabble on my Adobe Illustrator but with the amount of work lately, I just couldn't carve out the time to make one. Then I thought of PicMonkey! 

I met the PicMonkey (an online photo editing site) creators when I spoke at Blogalicious5 conference in Atlanta this past October and they provided attendees with a one-month free pro account. What a perfect time to use it, right?! I've always used PicMonkey but had never had a pro account. The pro account opened out the world to so many fun possibilities. And instead of just making just 1 virtual card this year, I started making a couple of #ChristmasCountdown designs from a picture my brother took of my silly 3 kids. It was fast and easy to make and all you need to bring is your imagination. Check them out below!

It started with this pic...

Then my first trial...

That resulted in to the following #ChristmasCountdown below!
Thank you, PicMonkey


EstelleSErasmus said...

That's so cute! I love PicMonkey and definitely want to try the pro version!

Anne-Marie said...

I can tell you had fun creating these. Thanks for sharing that cool tool!