Brr! I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

The snow is snowing
The wind is blowing
But I can weather the storm
Why do I care how much it may storm
I've got my love to keep me warm

I can't remember
A worse December
Just watch those icicles from
Why do I care if icicles form
I've got my love to keep me warm

Off with my overcoat
Off with gloves
I need no overcoat
I'm burning with love

My heart's on fire
The flame grows higher
So I will weather the storm
Why do I care how much it may storm
I've got my love to keep me warm

The Louis Armstrong / Ella Fitzgerald version of that song could not be anymore close to  how I’m feeling lately. Chicago has been under frigid temps for weeks now and just the  thought of chestnuts roasting on an open fire sounds really inviting. Not just the song, but the smell, feel, and look of Christmas melts my heart and warms me up. My true friends know me well. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! As soon as the Christmas songs are playing on the radio as early as October, I would be playing and singing with it until they sadly drop it after the 25th of December. But yet, I’m ready as can be to start all over again.

It is the magic of Christmas that keeps me coming back. The child-like excitement of what’s under the tree has now been replaced by the mere joy of seeing the beautiful wander on my children’s eyes when they write their Santa letter, bake cookies for Santa, and head to bed just in time to make sure Santa will make it to our home while they’re asleep. Conjuring the feelings of warmth and joy that surrounds us with the spirit of Christmas.
As my husband and I slave away for weeks of planning and preparation…every little ounce of energy placed on making sure it is as magical for our kids is worth it! We’re not talking about wrapping a pony for our little girl, or anything extravagant like that. The kind of planning we are talking about are little things that will mean so much in their eyes and hearts. It could be as simple as watching a family movie on our favorite pajamas, making Christmas crafts together to give out to family & friends, decorating Santa’s cookies exactly the way they wanted, and more importantly - cooking together for Christmas Eve.

Often the kids get hungry again after a late night activity with the family and this quick recipe of Dippable Fun or maybe the Sensational Chicken Noodle Soup may just do the trick! Thank you, Campbell! Check out the Wisest Kid Christmas vid below. It will sure to warm hearts this Christmas!

Disclosure: I’m a paid ambassador compensated by the Campbell Soup Company -The Wisest Kid in the Whole World. My opinions are completely based on my own experience.


Dr. Renee said…
It sounds like Christmas time is very exciting in your household. Your traditions remind me of celebrating Christmas when I was a child. I can't wait until I have a family of my own to develop traditions.
MJ Tam said…
Thank you, Renee! You will be a great mom. I just know it.