Halloween Makes Me Batty!

Like all families, Halloween is a crazy time for us. Actually, Halloween is always a scary time for me! I absolutely dread all the preparations. The slightest sight of orange and black causes me stress. That's because every time around October our family has to steer clear of anything that has Halloween decorations. It sends my little girl into a fit of hysterics, non-stop crying, and a bit of a panic in me. Do you realize how hard it is to just simply hit a grocery store, a department store, or even just a neighborhood gas station around this time of the year without seeing Halloween decorations? It is actually almost impossible to not run into it! Even walking around the neighborhood is a challenge.

While my 2 oldest children like trick-or-treating, my little girl is haunted with the thought of walking alongside a costumed witch, zombie, or a goblin. It didn’t matter to her if they are kids her age, she’s really afraid of them. But still, she wants to dress up as something and over the years she’s had her share of princess and fairy costumes to her heart’s delight. This year however, she has not decided what she wants to be. Maybe I can dress her up as a Campbell’s Wisest Kid with the beard cut-out from here. Wish me luck on that one!

I really thought she outgrew being so afraid but even the Disney Channel showing cutesy Halloween commercials are just too scary for her. Because I still want for her to partake on this occasion (minus the trick or treating part), I’m excited to find the Spooky Grilled Cheese recipe from the Campbell’s Wisest Kid website. I showed it to my little girl and she’s excited to make it with me while the other kids are hauling their sweets outside the neighborhood.

Maybe age 7 next year will be our lucky number. No more getting afraid of the entire month of October and Halloween. In the mean time, we’re celebrating with making some Spooky Grilled Cheese sandwiches with a warm bowl of Tomato Soup.

Disclosure: I’m a paid ambassador compensated by the Campbell Soup Company - The Wisest Kid in the Whole World. My opinions are completely based on my own experience.