Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 4 at the Biggest Loser Resort

It is the first morning that I felt a bit myself after a few days of caffeine withdrawal. Besides, it is beautifully sunny out there after days of rain and I also had high hopes that I'd do well with all of today's the workouts. I made the decision to push myself to the most I can. I am also on the work in progress on the mental part. For me, the hardest part of this experience is the mental part. But that's a whole other story that I'd like to separately blog about too.

As usual, the mornings start with a 6:15 dynamic stretching to get our adrenaline going. After that, breakfast, then off to 2 hours of outdoor workout like the 5k.

However this morning we were surprised and treated a bit in to a game of kickball. Yes, kickball! I got all into it and love that we didn't feel like we're actually working out. All is well until I hurt myself. :-(

I landed on my left face/head and upper body. I'm ok but very sore and a bit embarrassed. My head started pounding with headache and felt very nauseous and so I sat in the air-conditioned van for the rest of the game. I was afraid of concussion but the Tylenol made me feel better eventually. A few hours later my arms got so sore that I can't lift up my left arm higher than my shoulders. I still decided to attend the next workout since it is a water sport. I wanted to sit in the sauna after and I think it did help a little.

After dinner at 5:15pm, I directly went to my room and hung with a bag of ice and some Ibuprofen. Hoping all will be well tomorrow. I'm running my last 5k.

Below are some of my Instagram video and pictures these past few days.

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