A sneak peek to my 1st Full Day at The Biggest Loser Resort

Storm passed through while having dinner here at the the resort and then boom, power went off! I'm here in the resort lobby as I write this.

I'm disappointed that I can't get to vlog as promised and I don't know how much longer I can wait. I have so many things to share after my first full day here at The Biggest Loser Resort and I am beyond exhausted. Unless the power turns on in an hour I'm afraid that I'd have to pass for tonight.

Just know that I will have that Full Day 1 video  by tomorrow for sure! Unless another big storm hits and knock off power again. Ugh. I hope not!

So, I'll leave you with this picture from tonight's dinner. Was it good? Well, come back tomorrow. And yes, if you follow my FB or tweets, you read it right. 5K runs every morning! That means 7 days of 5K. Ouch! Til' tomorrow!  

Oh, I just realized why it got complicated for me to do some work....The Hockey Gods are looking down on me! Go #Blackhawks!


Jennifer Evers said…
a 5K every day??? OMG! Is it timed? I would be in TROUBLE!