Kite Day! A Sunday FUN day with the family [pics]

Getting her kite up

 Today was an exceptionally beautiful day out and so it called for a kite day with the family. It was still a bit chilly but the rain loomed over Chicago for a couple of days and so any sunshine is welcome. I grabbed my camera on our way out and off we went to the nearest open field. Check out all the pictures I snapped below.

Summer, please come quick!

Matthew running like a wind!
His kite flying high right away
Katie, 6 years old
Matthew, 10 years old
Christian, 13 years old
William, my husband. Always the watchful eyes on the kids.
William & MJ - I'm hovering under the kite for some shade! It was that sunny today!


Mommy Liz said…
Hey there, it's been a long time. The kids are all big now, I can't believe Christian is 13, well, Roan is 11. You all seemed to have fun yesterday, it was gorgeous here too, but we opted to say home and get some rest, we were at the park last Saturday for Roan's simple bday celebration.

How's everybody? aside from all the kids growing up so quickly, how's things going? You and William look really good. Keep in touch.