....and I'm back!

Clearing the cobwebs here is a start.

I've been mulling over about this for days. A few months ago I ambitiously opened a professional site mjtam.com but I was way in over my head. It was another thing to add with so many other place I write with and have commitments with. It didn't make sense.

So now I'm back. Yes, I know - I'm at it again. But this SugarMyBowl.com space has been around through everything since 2000. Through the birth of my 3 children, through the launch of Chicagonista.com and many others, and this space made me the active blogger that I am today.

I have a lot of ideas (oh, boy) and I hope those subscribed here will stick around again to see the many additions I will be adding on.

Thanks for reading and will be here daily. There I said it! Daily! Gah!


MJ Tam said…
Thanks, Natasha! Thanks for dropping by!