Spent an afternoon in Paris

Not quite, but it was close enough.

My brother threw a birthday bash for his daughter and created Paris for her. It started with the invitation. An airfare ticket and passport were printed for her guests. He even constructed an Eiffel Tower and more! Seriously! Check out all the adorable pics/details of what went on and what he went through in planning and most especially in decorating. I of course brought my camera and new lens and captured some cool shots.

As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed by the cutest Monsieur Bebe'! (My sister's baby)

I then decided to walk the streets of Paris

that brought me to the unfinished Arc Du Triomphe! (How dare him not finishing his job! Ugh. Haha)

We even noshed on Paris-themed cupcakes!

Of course, it wouldn't be Paris without the Eiffel Tower! And an incredible one at that.

He made it out of popsicle sticks, duct tape and then spray-painted it to finish. Tres' Magnifique!

Happy Birthday, Juju! We love you! She's the cutie on the black and white striped shirt.


Asianmommy said…
Wow--that's incredible, n'est-ce pas?
Jennifer S said…
Hello there! My daughter has a Country Project and she chose France. She LOVES your ET and i was wondering if you have the website on HOW to make it?? TIA!
Unknown said…
Do you have a site which guided you to do the Effiel tower? Did you use the large or small sticks? Thank you and it looks great.