YouTube Channels To Check Out

YouTube has taken over TV for a lot of us and I've subscribed to a couple channels that I find hilarious, clever, and  most definitely entertaining. Here are my top 3 recommendations.

Too Fast was the very first Wong Fu video I've seen. I've been hooked since. You'd have to watch this to see what I mean. Wong Fu channel has short films, music videos, and vlogs from 3 guys (Wes, Ted, & Phil). 

I can never have enough of Kevin Wu. He's darn adorable and funny. He makes fun videos on being Asian and making the most awkward topics laughable. Kevin and his father were even casted on last year's Amazing Race on CBS (only saw it because of Kevin). They didn't win but that did not matter to his YouTube fans. The most amazing part is how he's turned his channel into making money through Jumbafund. Kevin has donated the proceeds he earned from advertising to charities such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Red Cross. I also enjoy the videos he's made with his dad.


Mishal Moore
I dig her raw voice. I've been checking her channel for a few years now and I was happy to see that she's even signed a recording contract but her YouTube videos keeps me more interested. Her crafted cd was simply... well....crafted. Her voice is so beautiful sang in the raw. Just her guitar and her voice was enough for me. But I get it. Girl gotta make a living.