Technomania in full force

I'm one of the many who claims to be a gadget whore. Take a look around, you'll see how many of us really LOVE our new technology. The Nikons, the MacBooks, etc...Even the words nerd, geek, whore, slut, became acceptable whenever used with gadgets. Like I can easily say I'm an iPad slut, or iPhone whore. Getting a smartphone or a macbook is much like getting a great pair of shoes. In fact, our wardrobes doesn't seem complete without holding that right phone, with the right case.

It's true, we've become even more materialistic today than we've every been. That's just my opinion of course.

What do you think?


Unknown said…
Yes, I must join you. I am an iPad Whore! I did not think that I was materialistic until I started to get into blogging. If I don't have the right gadgets with me, it is like me with out my pimp. LOL