Cramped & Claustrophobic in NYC.

I'm currently in NYC for some exciting work and had to do a quick video of my hotel room to show you all. I'm not surprised how tiny the room is, but I'm more surprised that I forgot what to expect. After all, their website says "luxury" hotel and space is just not the kind of luxury you can find in NYC. Don't get me wrong - I love NYC, just not the teeny tiny boutique hotel rooms. It is actually a beautiful and modern hotel. All in all I am VERY happy and excited to be here. I'm just always ready to bust outside and get some breathing space.


Mary Kay said…
I didn't like the way your window was SO close to the other building. Looks like someone could get into your window from that building. That would bother me more than the "efficient" use of space in the room.
I feel like you'd have to walk into the room sideways.
Tyler said…
small and cutie and very beautiful.
So no one else peeped the mirror IN the shower? LOL! That would creep me out totally, and I'm SO not a prude, but the room is cute.