The SUGAR in my very full BOWL

Fridays are always our Family Day Out. My husband and I excitedly always pick up the kids from school to go out for some play, maybe some fun shopping and always end it with a nice dinner (with kids arguing along the way…you know, the norm). Today was even more exciting because I can finally test-drive my sweet spankin’ new camera on the family. The new gadget was a surprise from my husband. Lucky me!

We went to our favorite park before heading to dinner and I’m so proud of the portraits I took of my family. This is probably the first time I am introducing them fully in my blog, so here it goes.

Our Favorite Neighborhood Park - Ping Tom Park in Chinatown

William, the most patient husband and dad I know! He completes me. Corny, but true!

Christian, our firstborn. He's a man-boy. Takes charge of his siblings when needed  but takes that role a little too intense at times. He's only 11 and just an inch away before he gets taller than me!

Matthew, our middle child. He's overly dramatic but he's a really sweet boy.  He's never embarrassed with kisses and hugs even around his friends! He's now 8 years old.

Katie, our baby. Christian named her when I was pregnant. A true girly-girl but can stand up for herself and fight a mean fight with her 2 older brothers. Daddy can never say no to this little one.

The SUGAR in my very full BOWL

A picture with me in it. Finally! :-) Excuse the scraggly hair, I was after all running around in the playground with the little ones before this pic.
Thank you for taking the time to know my family.


MJ, you have a beautiful family! Hubby is so sweet for surprising you with a new camera... and you use it well! Great photos, girlie!
MJ Tam said…
@sheena - Thank you so much! It is always full of surprises with my sweet husband around.
It's wonderful to meet your family and that new camera is one fantastic gift! We'll have to talk DSLRs the next time we see each other...It's my next must-have gadget!
MJ Tam said…
@Thanks, Leticia! Yes, let's do that.
Melisa Wells said…
Great pictures, and you have a beautiful family! :)
Mom2Amara said…
I was in town on Friday...wish I would have known to drop by the park to take some shots with your new camera! Your family is lovely as always MJ!