Goodbye 2010, Bring it on 2011, Reaching for 2020!

A lot has happened in the past year. Wow, I just noted 2010 as the past year! How did that happen so fast? As I was driving to my sister's house for a New Year's Day family get-together, it dawned on me that 2020 is just around the corner. As a young girl, I often remembered thinking that 2020 is some sci-fi zone in this human life that is incomprehensible to even imagine. So it is almost daunting to even think that 9 years from now, it'll be 2020! Wow. I then started imagining how old my kids will be by then (oldest one will be 20), and only in that moment that I felt excited of what's to come for us. My head and heart is anxious for a future celebration of the unknown, and I know it's a promising one for us!

In other celebratory notes, my aunt and cousin from Southern California are visiting here in Chicago for the holidays. We took lots of pictures and I'm sharing a couple of them below. It was a pleasure spending the first day of 2011 with our frozen Californians.
With my 3 kids and my parents - Thanks to big bro for all the beautiful pictures!

Big lil' hug from my baby!

With my geeky older brother. Ok, we're both nerds, and damn proud! haha

My parents

With cousin Rob. We used to babysit him!

With my siblings and cousin Rob. He was like a lil' brother to us.

My dad and his baby sister

Aunt Veronica aka "Tita Bing" and son

Almost everyone, not quite! Husband missed it and kids running around elsewhere.

The kids and I have decided to make a time capsule and after today's celebration with the family, there will be lots to add in the shoebox we are planning to fill and open  on Jan. 1, 2020. I hope this blog will still be around for me to share those happy moments to be had.

Again, thank you Kuya for taking all the pics. For you guys reading here, go and visit my big brother's beautiful photography site or go directly to his portfolio:


duongsheahan said…
Mj, Looks like a lot of FUN here!! What a great idea to put together a TIME capsule! I had to write about TIMECAPSUL for a final paper of what I wanted the world to know about today 100 years from now and include artifacts (images of course). So glad I got to know you better in 2010--- Happy New Year1
Anonymous said…
Hi! After being a closet blogger for a long time, I finally changed the privacy settings this year and came OUT of the closet and into the public world of mom blogging. Just wanted to tell you that your blog and related publications were among my inspiration to do so. I love your work and hope to connect with many great Chicagonistas like you!
Asianmommy said…
Happy New Year! What a fantastic idea--creating a time capsule. I'll have to work on that.
Fabie De Silva said…
Hey nerdy/geeky sistah! This is your older nerdy/geeky and Mac nice to see our family pics culminating/starting new year...

What's with my slashes? Perhaps a foretelling of our new year/new life...

william2233 said…
Nice pix, from a children author