I'm a proud MoBlo, are you?

As I was rewriting a profile for a new project I am working on, I came up with MoBlo. I cracked myself up, and so I knew that that's it! My profile will now say I'm Chief MoBlo for many sites! Check it out, I just added it in here and I love it!

Also in a recent discouraging turn of events (which shall remain linkless in my blog), another Mom Blogger has decided to become yet again another...well...uhhm...jerk. So I thought I'd define what a #moblo really means to me.

What is a True Mother Blogger or MoBlo?
  • One that blogs from the heart
  • One that support and encourage other MoBlos 
  • One that doesn't tear down another MoBlo because we all know those are called *Blogger MoFos. Seriously!
  • One that doesn't participate with *Blogger MoFos. (Stay away from *Blogger Mofos - Remember that reading their post is the same as supporting their mind and pockets!)
* Blogger Mofos: Bloggers who sensationalize their posts to create drama with other bloggers and ultimately for more site hits.

If you'd like to copy image above and use in your blogs, I would love a link bank or at least a credit. But none of that is necessary because I just love other MoBlos. :-)

I'm a MoBlo and proud of it! Do you have a problem with that?


Stacey said…
I'm a true and total MoBlo! I blog from my heart, love the supportive encouraging and empowering MoBlo community, and I don't understand how it can feel good to be a Blogger MoFo. I am fueled by MoBlos and don't participate with MoFos b/c I find them draining.
Unknown said…
This is wonderful, MJ. Navagating social media can be a tad treacherous at times and it helps to know we have a "safe" place with like minded "MOBLO"s
The Clothspring said…
Love it!! How cute. I am working on becoming a MoBlo, right now I am a MiniBlo
Lisa Hanneman said…
LOVE it. And I agree that ignoring the MoFo's is the best way to go.
Late to the party but LOVE THIS! I'm in! MoBlo all the way!
Anonymous said…
moblo's have way more fun
Blogger Mofos get on my Mofo nerves!!! This was just in time! Thanks for this!