16 years of adventure and going...

October 15, 1994 @ our Chinese wedding reception
Once there was a boy who asked me if I've ever seen the Sears Tower. I told him that I haven't had a chance. He said he'll show me one day and our friendship bloomed since then. He took me everywhere...Places and emotions I've never been to.

Our adventure grew stronger, so we sealed it with marriage. From then on, we went everywhere together. We started from the church aisle, to the labor and delivery rooms (3x), to pediatrician visits, and to tropical vacations. But not Sears Tower. We've never seen it together.

As I sat and reflected on our life together for the past 16 years, I just now realized that seeing the Sears Tower from our bedroom window meant more. He's asked me once if I've seen it. He's promised me that we'll see it together, and all the while...we've been looking at it from our bedroom window for the last 16 years.

Happy 16th Anniversary, Babe!


Unknown said…
That is so incredible sweet haha maybe today you guys can make time and go see the Sears Tower today! =) You guys have not aged one bit! Happy Anniversary and to many more years to come!
Congrats to you! That is special to see it from your bedroom.