Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It's off to work we go...

But I whistled as I worked today! One of the things I love about my job is that I get invited to a lot of events where my kids are welcome. Today, we attended Feld Entertainment's spectacular event for Bloggers to help promote the Chicago run of Disney On Ice - Princess Classics at United Center. I of course attended to cover for Chicagonista.

We were treated to a nice dinner and an exciting picture opportunity visits from Cinderella and Belle. So imagine how my own little princess was overwhelmed with delight as she hugged and looked up in their sparkly eyes and full-length gowns. She was so dizzy with all the sweetness of girly delights!

My 2 older boys (10 and 7 yo) were coerced to tag along (so they say!) but it helped that they were happily fed with macaroni cheese and sandwiches to their heart's content. They would of course never admit that they enjoyed the show, but I heard them chuckle here and there. They also made new friends with Maria's 4 children of mychicagomommy.com. She has the most behaved little ones and my little girl loves her new girlfriends! It doesn't seem like we scared them off too since we planned for some play dates sometime soon.

After dinner, the show turned out to be even more spectacular. My heart melted and I even ooh'd, aah'd, and giggled with my little girl. We sang the songs, hummed the tunes, gulped as the evil witches casted their spells, and clapped with each of the princesses' happy endings. It is truly a family must-see this fall.

Thank you FELD Entertainment for an awesome experience! More details on dates and special discount offers in Chicagonista.com!

More pics on the slideshow below:


It was great seeing you! My daughter had an absolute BLAST and I must admit that I enjoyed it myself.
What a lucky girl you are to have such an awesome job where you can do things like this that involve your kids at the same time! Count your blessings :).
My kids absolutely LOVED hanging out with your kids and so I think we'll be seeing more of your clan! Thanks again for making it an even more special evening!

My kids absolutely LOVED hanging out with your kids so I think we'll be seeing your clan more often!

Thanks for making the evening an even more special one!

Asianmommy said…
How fun! The kids would love this.