Cams, Cords, Chargers & More

I break my back every time I am traveling to some conference, especially on many blogger events. This week is the 2010 Blogher Conference in New York and every year around Blogher I am at my busiest.

Besides the months of organizing my own event (Dyson is sponsoring my Chicagonista / NYmetropolista Afternoon Tea @ The Plaza ), I will be attending many other important parties worth documenting around the conference. This time we’re even taking our Chicagonista LIVE! Show on the road. That means I need to be armed with every electronic I need for the week. My 17 inch MacBook Pro, Nikon D80, Flipcam Mino HD, iPhone 3G, Blue Snowball USB Microphone, Logitech Webcam Pro 9000, iGo Charger, Tripod, and the many cords and chargers each of those electronics I mentioned. You can just imagine how heavy my carry-on computer bag ends up to.

New York summers, much like Chicago's, can be hot and humid. I'm dreading the part where I'll be lugging these around with me all day for the next few days.


Kim Moldofsky said…
I find myself paring down to the minimum when traveling, not just because of all the gear, but also the fact that that all those photos and videos, etc. have to be edited and filed or posted and it gets overwhelming to me. I mostly stick with my point and shoot and use that for video (albeit not best quality).

My challenge now is not lugging the stuff around, but storing it efficiently at home. I think we are up to 4 cell phones, 3 cameras and 3-4 handheld video cameras plus our old clunky one. And then there's the laptop, extra keyboards. It never ends!
Duong Sheahan said…
Oh My girlfriend! I think that massage may come in handy for you!! See you soon :)
Wow! A lot of stuff to carry with. Not to mention the trying not to forget is probably more overwhelming. Aw Snap that's what I forgot to to see Chicagonista live I'll have to view the taping. On my way over now. Enjoy!
Gemma said…
It looks like you need an extra suitcase for all of that tech! :P