Giving Fat a Boot! Fitness Bootcamp Day 1

This is the first day of my Fitness Bootcamp with Total Results Training. I was given a complimentary 3x/week MWF, one-month trial (thanks to @BrandonZeman) for this bootcamp and I could not wait to get started. Ok, I was very scared, but thankfully I started working out about a month ago now and so the cardio work I've been doing has tremendously helped me today. Not to say that it was easy, actually it was brutal. But since my lungs and body had some conditioning these past few weeks, I've managed to not pass out on this grueling first day.

We started with a run around Eckhart Park's perimeter to get our heart rate going. We had to do this twice. After that, a few squat variations and  then we ran up and down the building's stairs. We also did a lot of muscle toning using resistance bands as well as push-ups and sit-ups. I have to say that I expected a tougher and meaner Fitness Coach, but Ryan Hunt was personable and quite friendly. I also envisioned a barking military-like routine, but way far from that. Thank goodness!

My muscles are now sore on places that I don't think I've ever worked on before. That's a good sign! Ryan mentioned that the worst thing you can do with a sore muscle is by not doing anything at all. So tomorrow on our bootcamp day off,  I'm dragging myself to the gym for some cardio work on the elliptical machine.

Here's to 11 more bootcamps! Ouch...Ouch...Ouch..

Check out their video below.


Congrats! If that's him in the video, he doesn't look scary at all. I love the wat there using things around them to do the work out.
Brandon Zeman said…

So glad your first day was a success! Keep up the good work and keep us updated on your progress.
MJ Tam said…
Nicole - thanks! Yes, that's him in the video. He's so nice. Hey, you should join me! :-)

Elizabeth - TY! I plan to do some updates here. Let's hope it'll be a good outcome after one month. Please come and visit again soon.