All Aboard at the Mother of All Conferences

As part of the Yahoo! MotherboardI had an opportunity to visit the Yahoo! Campus in Sunnyvale California and attend our very first #Ymotherboard Summit. I not only gained a wealth of useful information on everything and anything that I do in my digital world, but just being around with other passionate blogger friends gave me even more pride in doing what I've been doing. I was surrounded with women I've admired for so long and met new ones that looked familiar from their Twitter avatars and Facebook profile pics. (Check below to all their blog and twitter links)

At the Yahoo! Campus, it was a full day of learning. Everything from discussing Online Safety for kids and families, to learning how to use Flickr effectively, and how to blog in the Shine platform by Shine's Managing Editor and good friend Annette Cardwell. I specially enjoyed the Yahoo! Editorial portion where the authors ( Chris Barr & Julie Wildhaber @YahooStyleGuide) of The Yahoo Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World were there to give us some very interesting pointers. We all received a copy of the book and the inner geek in me was jumping with delight!

After a full day of learning, we continued the fun at Nola's. Lots of mojitos and food were had! Thank you Jeanne Moeschler, Stacy Libby, Amy Heinz and the rest of summit organizers. It was incredible!

Check out all the sweet photos I took below.

After being spoiled at the lap of luxury in Four Seasons Palo Alto, I'm now back home with floors begging to be mopped. But the sweetness continued. Nintendo sent me a beautiful vase of flowers for my birthday! Thank you #nintendoenthusiast @brandabouttown for the thoughtful gift!

Check out all the Yahoo! Motherboard bloggers that attended the summit:

Desiree Allen - - @writingtosanity
Nicole Andrews - - @thenicknick
Sarah Auerswald - - @sauerswald
Joanne Bamberger - - @punditmom
Leticia Barr - - @techsavvymama
Sheila Bernus Dowd - - @xiaolinmama
Carla Brinberg - - @mizfitonline
Kimberley Blaine - - @thegotomom
Beth Blecherman - - @techmama
Akemi Bourgeois - - @svtwinmom
Sarah Braesch - - @goonsquadsarah
Glennia Campbell - - @glennia
Tina Case - @parentgrapevine
Felicity Chapman - - @cubesandcrayons
Sandie Angulo Chen - - @urbanmama
Veronique Christensen - - @veroniquec
Kimberly Coleman - - @mominthecity
Yvonne Condes - - @yvonneinla
Catherine Connors - - @herbadmother
Melissa Davis -
Elise Derby - - @elisecd
Katie Dillon - - @lajolla
Vanessa Druckman - - @chefdruck
Ilina Das Ewen - - @ilinap
Gina von Esmarch -
Samantha Fein - - @garza_girl
Meagan Francis - - @meaganfrancis
Lia Freitas - - @mommatolg
Jodi Grundig - - @jodigrundig
Lisa Hanneman - - @hannemaniacs
Kimberly Kauer - tippytoesand - @tippytoes
Linsey Krolik - - @linseyk
Thien Kim Lam - - @thienkim
Heidi Leder - - @c2cmom
Rebecca Levey - - @beccasara
Amy Mascott - - @teachmama
April McCaffery - - @aprilabtbalance
Michele McFraw - - @scrappinmichele
Kim Moldofsky - - @kimmoldofsky
Marsha Takeda-Morrison - - @sweatpantsmom
Amy Mueller - - @amysphere
Michelle - - @wifeandmommy
J.J. Newby - - @caffandaprayer
Anne-Marie Nichols - - @amnichols
Jennifer Perillo - - @jenniferperillo
Thetha Pavis - - @thetapavis
Carolyn Pravda - - @mamathreads
Julie Pron - - @justprecious
Kimberly Petro - - @kimberle
Cristie Ritz King - - @ritzking
Robyn Roark - - @whostheboss
Jessica Rosenberg - - @kikarose
Lexi Rohner - - @lexisk8
Kristina Rust - - @parentgrapevine
Donna Schwartz Mills - - @socalmom
Jennifer Wagner - connectwith your - @jenwag57
Gayle Weiswasser - - @gweiwasser
Kelly Whalen - - @centsiblelife
MJ Tam - - @mjtam
Christina Yother - - @hooeycritic

Our Organizers:
Amy Heinz - - @yodelingmamas - @usingourwords
Jeanne Moeschler - - @yodelingmamas - @sleepyjeanne
Stacy Libby - - @stacylibby


MJ, you rock! Yahoo! was lucky to have you for a few days. Thanks for all of your great feedback and for all of your support. I love the embedded Flickr slideshow!
Nancy Loo said…
After reading this blog, I'm even more bummed to have missed out on the fun. Congrats to all Yahoo! Motherboarders!!!
teachmama said…
MJ, Seriously, this is an awesome re-cap, and I love, love, love your slideshow!
Your photos are incredible.I'll definitely be back often to 'relive' the excellent, way-too-short YMB Summit!

So happy we connected (finally!) in real life, my friend!
Amy said…
We were so happy to have you join us! Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a great celebration when you got home.
Jennifer said…
MJ—so glad we had time to sit down and chat at Nola's. Thanks for putting the weekend down into such succinct words.
Sarah Auerswald said…
Great post! The photos are beautiful and are bringing back such great memories... Ahhhh...
Moms Who Click said…
Hi MJ! Reading your blog made me realize my name was ommitted from the attendee list that was distributed. I was on the electronic one, but somehow it was removed from the printed copy. It's ok, since my blogging and photography partner, Kristina Rust, has the same info (@parentgrapevine, and It was a great pleasure talking to you about our blog and photography company. Look forward to seeing you in the future at another blogging event!
Tina Case
That sounds like a wonderful trip. It's so cool to be on the inside looking out. The flowers are gorgeous.
Unknown said…
MJ, in your opinion, what makes for a memorable and meaningful social media event like this Yahoo! event?