...and so I joined a gym

Reading email in-between work-outs
The guy who took my membership probably thought I'm a piece of work. (Maybe I am, but that's a whole other topic) There is no selling me into anything I don’t want. First off, I always do my homework before I buy anything. I research and compare prices, look at countless reviews, check pictures, and look for coupons or deals. So when I walked into the gym I already know I wanted, the first thing I asked is for their best price for their no-contract membership along with all the things on my list. As expected, he started with their best of the best “signature” membership. You know, the most expensive its-so-worth-it-because-you-get-fresh-towels-for-free membership. I was quick to tell him to save his breath and just tell me what's his best price. Not in that manner, but I told him that it isn’t necessary. I caught him unprepared but he still tried to slowly talk about the next lower level of membership. So I said, “Really, I don’t need to hear all that, just tell me what your best price for your no-contract membership". And so he did. It was better than what the online special was so I told him to process it for me.

I was also specific on what I wanted to see. I quickly passed through spots I didn’t care for. He asked me if I wanted to see the rest of the gym. Well, I already know what brand of machines and equipments they have and the sub-par reviews they’ve received. So NO, I don’t! I know that it isn’t the best club out there, but they have the basics that I want. He tried to sell me extras like childcare, personal training. No. No. No. I was done with the sell-through in less than 5 minutes. Just how I wanted it to be.

Boy, this age really comes with attitude! Just remember, you've been warned!


ChitownJunkie said…
I'm jealous! I need to start working out!