My Sweet and Silly Boy

Baby Matthew, 6 months
April is always a busy month for our family. Just 2 weeks after our firstborn's birthday, our second boy and my mom's birthday follow. So you can imagine the many happy moments this month brings.

Matthew just turned seven. Every year my husband and I find it surprising at how fast this journey has been!

I remember being seven years old. I remember being confused if I was seven or seventeen. I think I wanted so badly to be seventeen. My aunt along with her girlfriends asked me how old I was and right away I exclaimed “seventeen”! I remember them laughing and I think I was confused as to how they knew I wasn’t. I think it is quite funny that I remember having these conversations in my head as a young girl.

Matt, 7 years old
Matthew however relishes being seven. He’s always been ultra-independent and can have fun placed in any situation. This boy can find a way to have fun even if you leave him with just a pen in an empty room. You’d probably come back to an ink-stained floor and wall drawings and little pieces of the pen stuck one on his nose or up his ears. All that with smiles and hugs too.

As much as he fights with his older brother and younger sister, he happens to be the sweetest little boy. He’s the first to run to his sister’s side in the morning to bid for a morning kiss, or a family hug from all of us. And really, that is also how this mischievous little boy gets away with silly stuff. He kills us all with his puppy dog eyes and pouty face. I see future teen battles with him one day! Yikes!

Happy Birthday my sweet silly boy!


Lucy said…
He's a cutie! Hope he had a good b-day!
MJ Tam said…
Thanks Lucy! He had a great birthday celebrated with our beloved family around. :-)
7's a big deal! Hope it's a great year for him.