Attention diverted. Mission accomplished.

A spankin' new 17" Mac Book Pro!
My husband and I came to realize that this is the first time in 11 years we are NOT either pregnant or carrying a newborn in our arms after 2-3 years of our last newborn. Wow! Just wow.

So this is it. We’re really done. This baby maker factory is now closed.

But how do we get rid of this gnawing feel to smell a newborn in our arms? We feel so blessed with 3 healthy children and it is insane to want more. Right? Something must be done!

Just last week my husband surprised me with a new baby. This 17” spankin’ new drooler keeps me up at night, needs tender love and care, and goes where I go. Not the same but close enough.

Attention diverted. Mission accomplished. Husband rocks!


chelle said…
OOo what a beautiful distraction!
Funkidivagirl said…
Beautiful! I got a puppy when I wanted another child.
Nancy Loo said…
What a beautiful new addition! Happy to babysit anytime.
: )
Unknown said…
Oh MJ, its adorable!

Give it a hug from me!
Mommy Liz said…
Wow, looks so shiny and bright.