“Only take what you can finish.”
That is a phrase that I was often told as a little girl and now I constantly use it with my own children. Sadly, I’m not very good in practicing what I preach. But that’s a whole other issue.
I have piles of everything everywhere.
Pile of laundry.
Pile of paperwork.
Pile of dust. I’m sure of that!
As if I have enough time in a day, I just received some new books I ordered through Amazon. Now my pile of new books will prettily sit with a bigger pile of other books I have yet to read.
I am now adding this to my pile of guilt.


Mommy Liz said…
I am not surprised that you accumulated pile of everything. Hahaha!, pile of unread books, pile of laundry, pile of dust??

I was so surprised that you were able to post an entry here. I come here once in a while to see for new entry and the last time I seen was the one with the blue Sesame Street guy, what's his name again?

Anyways, thanks for stopping by at my site, I know how busy you are with all the activities you have. Take care and Have fun..

Oh those piles that you have..don't worry, they're not going anywhere..Hehehe!
Jessa said…
Piles are good. It means you're busy and you're living life to the fullest ;-).