Can You Change a Night Owl?

I’m a late sleeper. Or maybe early sleeper? That's depending on how you look at it.

If you're in Facebook or Gtalk, you’d probably see my active online status even at 3 or 4 am. I may even tweet here and there if an inspiration hit.

You see, I "LOVE" working at night. I've been like this for years now. It is when I’m an uninterrupted, brain-juice-flowing, coffee-brewing-writing-maniac who’s running on a 1oo mile per hour speed.

Yesterday morning at about 7:30am, a friend whom I also do business with called to see what’s in store for us. But after working non-stop from 9pm the night before and just about to call it quits at 8am, I am drained. My brain has turned in to mush, and no amount of caffeine can get me all revved up until I recharge for at least four hours of sleep. Five hours if I'm lucky.

She greeted me with her usual sunny disposition. “Good Morning!” I however could not return the nice greeting with the same enthusiasm. I flat out said, “Yeah, that’s if I get some sleep now”. How callous of me. But when you’ve burned the candle working all night, my uncontrollable sarcastic persona comes out even more. Yeah, the up-all-night work gets me very far with work, but being dispirited with my business interactions can cost me more. It is all about relationship building after all.

Time for a change.

So, like kicking a caffeine or nicotine habit (according to people I know that smoke) – I have to slowly get my brain wrapped up on my need to change. But I honestly don’t know how else I can get the things that I do during the day with my 2 year old around me. Is that even possible?

Working parents, how do you do it?!


chelle said…
I am trying to change :) I would love to stay up late, but then I am so not the happy mom my kids need me to be. So I have been attempting to retire early. I am loving the quietness of the early morning :)
Deb said…
Well, you know me - I'm not much better than you are when it comes to sleep. My internal clock seems to want to sleep from 3am to 11am and it's a major struggle for me to make myself to go bed or wake up when I need to.

I do try to sneak here into the home office and at least check e-mail, catch up on the feed reader and maybe do a few other things here or there, but I can't sit down and collect my thoughts enough to write something unless I have at least a good hour of uninterrupted time and that just doesn't happen very often with a 4-year-old around. I'm just thankful for 3 morning a week preschool. :)

Good luck!!!
Mom2Amara said…
I never used to be a night person. Or a morning person. I was just a didn't-need-sleep person.

That has changed oh so much! I need my coffee. And I need now at least 7 hours of sleep. I'm old. Oye!
Lucy said…
My husband is such a night owl. He stays up sooo late working, but then he also has to get up and go to work at a decent hour so he's tired all of the time. It drives me CRAZY that he won't just go to bed when he's tired, but unless it's after 2AM he just CAN'T!
Mommy Liz said…
When Katie starts school, then you can do a lot during the day. For the meantime, just keep working when it's quiet...during the night..